Monday, February 1, 2010

More Filming 'Old Mary's Ride'

First filming for the new year began on Sunday 31/01/10. We set up above the Adam Lindsay Gordon obelisk overlooking the site of John Dutton's crash into the Blue Lake. As usual we had to wait on the sun to be just right. Last documentary we were waiting for the sun to go, this time we wanted full sun but it was stuck behind a hazy cloud. We waited quite a while until we got the best we could. We could see more cloud coming in from the south so we shot the segment before it arrived. The lake was lovely and blue but I know I've seen it slightly brighter when in the full sun. Never mind! At least I got my costume sorted and we are underway again.
The Wreck of the Admella doco goes to air tonight on the Austar PayTV Christian Channel and is repeated tomorrow night. It will be beamed right throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Indonesia.

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