Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4th admella update

G’day to everyone! Well it is getting close now. We reckon we have one more day of filming and we will then start the final editing. Yesterday we filmed over an hour’s worth of interviews with people who discussed varied aspects of the wreck and those involved. The interviewees were excellent. I was completely surprised to hear the quality of conversation and conciseness of everyone who braved the process. Thank you to all those who fronted up (10 in all)! A special thanks to Brendan Jarrett who travelled over from Portland especially.
We also had more really generous offers of help during the interviews yesterday. Dave Miller (aka Captain Pugwash) has offered to take us on his cray boat out to the Carpenters Reef to film from seaward and John Magary (great, great, great nephew of James Magary) has offered to 4WD us into the Admella flats to capture some footage. Very exciting!!
We are starting to plan a private launch of the finished product for all those who have been involved; I’m thinking end of March/early April at this stage. Some people are asking where they can get a copy of the DVD and the answer is they will be available from the District Council of Grant (Admella 150th Committee). Just ring the office there and ask about it. They will retail for $20. I’ll let you know when they are ready for sale. The committee intend to put the proceeds from the sale of the DVD towards the funding of the Admella Trail and other functions during the commemorative period this year.
Once again I am so grateful for everyone’s support. This has been a fantastic collaboration of many people including cross border connections. Just like 1859, the two states are contributing resources to the project.
All the best