Thursday, November 26, 2009

First Filming for New Doco

G’day to you all!

We commenced filming for ‘Old Mary’s Ride’ (working title) last Thursday night. Two elderly gentlemen, who knew something of the event and of the man, were interviewed on camera. Eric Arthur, (along with his brother), was at the scene taking photos for the family business ‘Arthur Studios’ when the car was retrieved from the lake in 1937. Eric can be seen holding the dingy in one of the photos. Collin Cameron (92yrs old) is a long time resident of Mt Gambier and was also filmed as he recalled the events of the crash and the recovery.

Of course me mate Allan Childs was there to commence his role as official photographer of the making of the film. He and Jenny raced back from Ballarat to be there just in time for the 5.30pm appointment.

My trip to Kapunda four weeks ago was highly successful and I made some excellent contacts; Joan Shultz being one of them. Joan and her husband worked at Anlaby Station for John Dutton for some 20 years or more and were able to recall some fond memories of John and indeed spoke highly of the whole Dutton family. Joan is assisting me with photos etc.

I managed to have a tour of Anlaby. For those who don’t know, Anlaby Station was the first Stud Sheep station in South Australia and was the home of the Dutton family for several generations. The Duttons also owned other properties, one of which was ‘Burleigh’ at Moorak just out of Mt Gambier. Burleigh was where John and his wife Peggy were living at the time of the crash into the Blue Lake.

I’ve been in touch with the current owner of the Vauxhall 30/98 (Old Mary) and he has agreed to let us film the car as it is today. This will take place in Sydney early next year.

The Mt Gambier Vintage Car club have invited me to their monthly meeting this Friday night to discuss how they may be able to help with the documentary. At the least, they are willing to provide cars for re-enactments. Hopefully, among them is a roadster that will suffice as a stand-in for the Vauxhall.

Jeshua, my youngest son, has created a 3D animation of the Vauxhall and it is hoped that possibly, maybe, he can create an animated re-enactment of the plunge into the Blue Lake. He is a learner at this medium but he is keen to have a go.

Other things are falling into place and photos and information are being sourced and collated. I am really excited about this project (which those who know me will tell you is not a new thing) and I think it will be a wonderful film to make. The title song is well on the way in its recording and the team that provided incidental music in the Admella documentary are standing by to roll again.

We’ll probably recess for the Christmas period now, (although sourcing and planning will continue), and we’ll kick off again in the New Year.

Hope all is well in your camps! I do hope you enjoy the festive season with your families and I hope you can dodge all of the commercial hype!

All the best